For the event, See The Emotional Day ( event )
"Yes mom! I will!"
―Carl & Sweet

The Emotional Day is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Lost in San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his elder brother and Grove Street Families leader Sweet from his home at the Ganton district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl, Sweet & Brian were Sitting and Discussing. Beverly asks One of the Boys to Drop her to her Friend's House at Idlewood. Carl & Sweet Agrees and Brian says that he would like to stay at Home. They all went leaving Brian Home Alone. Carl Drives Beverly to her Friends House at Idlewood. In another Scene, A Green Sabre enters Grove Street and While Kane's Balla Model drive another model throws the Timer Bomb at Johnson's House Door. After they left the Bomb Blasts and Mission Ends giving a Spooky Weather.


  • Get in Sweet's Car!
  • Drive CJ's Mom to her Friend's House at Idlewood.


The Reward for Completing this Mission is Increase in Respect and Mission Fight at Cemetery is Unlocked.


  • Ryder was Standing with a "Look Every Where" Animation before The Green Sabre arrived.
  • Although there is No Money Reward, On the Screen The Text Appears Saying - Mission Passed


Respect +