Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris is an Antagonist in Grand Theft Auto : Lost in San Andreas


Big Smoke is a Food Lover and an Antagonist.He was an Antagonist in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but, along with Lance "Ryder" Wilson. After reading the Comments on GTAForums claiming that Ryder shouldn't have been betrayed the Protagonist and his Group, Only Smoke along with Tenpenny is an Antagonist in Grand Theft Auto : Lost in San Andreas. He was showing that he is friendly but had Joined The Ballas and other Enemy Gangs earlier without getting noticed by Protagonist and the others. He formerly had an House in Ganton but, Later moved out of Grove and Lived in the Heart of Front Yard Ballas in Idlewood. He gave an excuse by saying that he had a will by his Aunt to stay there. He was exposed to the Protagonist's Family by Michael in Mission The Green Sabre. Tenpenny warned the Crew not to return to Los Santos and not to try Finding them ( Tenpenny, Smoke and Pulaski ). He was living a pleasant life in Los Santos getting Security by The Ballas, Vagos and The Russian Mafia. But was falling sick because of High Use of Drugs. Although he survived for a long time until then, he was Killed by CJ for Betraying him and Grove Street Families.

Early Life

Big Smoke lived in Ganton earlier so he made a relation and bonded friendship with Sweet and CJ and Joined Grove Street Families. He was a God-Fearing and a religious man so he ended up saying some Verses and got a remark saying that "He was still talking shit..." . Meanwhile he was messed up selling drugs and in the course of selling drugs he introduced himself to the Ballas, the Vagos and C.R.A.S.H. He also wanted sweet to deal drugs but somehow failed. He continued living in Ganton and Blasting Ballas just to show them that he was a GSF member. And after his aunt died, he made a plan of moving out from Ganton to Idlewood [ The Heart of Ballas ] saying that he had a will of his Late Aunt.