Carl Johnson is a protagonist of Grand Theft Auto : Lost in San Andreas He is also known as "CJ" in short and also called Homeboy By Ryder.


CJ is an American Citizen and also the Brother of Sweet Johnson who is the Leader of Grove Street Families. He also had a Brother but Unfortunately, He was Killed by a Bomb Explosion. He have a Younger Sister whose Boyfriend is Cesar Vialpando. As Kendl Dates with Cesar & Have a future plan to Marry, Carl and Sweet both Belong to Grove Street Families and Varios Los Aztecas. CJ goes on doing Missions until then he was Exposed to his Childhood Friend Big Smoke's Betrayal which hurt CJ a lot. But he had a Polite Childhood Friend Ryder left with him. The whole group including Sweet, CJ, Kendl, Beverly Johnson, Cesar and Ryder were sent out of Los Santos by the corrupt officer, Officer Tenpenny for whom CJ did Missions and the group was warned not to try Searching Smoke and Tenpenny himself and also warned them not to Return to Los Santos.